Discuss your design. Collectively. Online
Organize and control the work of a distributed team around the world.
Check your drawings and documents within common data environment.
Discuss your project and documents with
colleagues by using chats and audio conversations.
Make tasks and control thier execution
Common data environment for your business
Очень часто сотрудники распределенных команд находятся на разном уровне осведомленности о ходе проекта и принятых решениях, так как привычных инструментов недостаточно.
В то же время командировки и совещания отнимают очень много времени, сил и денег.

Теперь есть способ для организации работы распределенной команды как единого целого.

Это Desflow.

Desflow убирает хаос и привносит удовольствие в работу
Discussing your projects with your colleagues online.
Do it fast, convenient and easy
Collective audio conversation helps
you show and explain to your colleagues exactly what you want
Collective checking of your design.
Make marks and notes on docs, discuss them
Tasks creation and control.
Control tasks by using Desflow wherever you've been
Multiversions allow you save all versions of documents together
Save history of changing of your documents. Be shure that all of them will be save
Compare versions of drawings and check them.
Desflow will automatically detect changes and show them to you
Get notifications immediately after changes was done.
Customize them like in messengers
Flexible system of access rights distribution to documents and their versions
Cloud space for your projects.
Your projects into safe cloud server
Attach photo and documents to drawings.
You can use Desflow even on construction area
Web-service for engineers and designers.
Desflow works without installation
Limited +
Marks on drawings
Tasks and control
Chats and notifications
Distribution of access rights
Comparing versions of docs
Multiversions of docs
Audio conversations
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